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Slot ventilation, fume hoods and laboratory ventilation

Do not positions fans, air conditioners, or heatersdirectly in front of the hood. Do not use the fume hood as storage cabinet for equipment or chemicals. The Trimvent Supervent is a solution that can be easily be incorporated into your system design that works at all levels.

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The vent then, comes with a thumb control handle. Downdraft Tables In a downdraft table, the work surface doubles as the collection area for toxins. There are many variables to consider in acoustic testing, please contact us for specific test figures on our range of trickle ventilators.

Your sections can incorporate this ventilation system at the sill horizontal. All electric cords should be run under the airfoil. Minimize pedestrian traffic in front of the hood to reduce the release of contaminants. For maximum effectiveness, this funnel-shaped connection must be placed within six inches of the work space.

Slot dimensions Slot sizes shown in the Details tables are for round ended slot, e.

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The optimum sash height for proper performance is 12 to 18 inches. Window ventilation Window ventilation Duco has a wide range of natural air intake grilles for new buildings and renovation projects. Contact EHS if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. The self regulating vent equalizes the airflow thus avoiding uncomfortable draughts. Titon test products to the latest international standards, full details on request.

Aluminum or plastic models. Fresh outside slot ventilation, from the exterior of the building, is allowed into the room and stale moist indoor air to escape, providing natural ventilation without the need of any power or opening of a window. These hoods can be mounted on a wall or suspended from the ceiling to effectively exhaust non-toxic materials.

Do not use the hood if it failed the EHS inspection until the cause of the failure has been addressed.

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Trimvent ventilators Deflect the incoming air in all directions. Gloveboxes A glovebox is a sealed, controlled environment used to manipulate hazardous or sensitive materials.

Advantages of Marley ventilators

Laminar flow hoods do not provide protection for the worker or the environment and should not be used when working with hazardous materials. This engineering control consists of a hood, ductwork, air filter, air mover, slot ventilation discharge that enables hazardous materials to be expelled from the work environment before laboratory personnel are exposed.

The sash should be lowered to a position that can provide additional protection from potential splashes, sprays, or fires. It does not interfere with the designed U value of the complete window.

Dual color capability - interior and exterior. Local Exhaust Ventilation LEV A local exhaust ventilation system is designed to reduce worker exposure to airborne contaminants. Class III biological safety cabinets provide maximum protection for the worker, the product, and the environment by the use of HEPA filtered supply and exhaust air.

Do not use a hood for a function it was not designed for. Since that original application, it has also been installed on the Bellagio, Paris, Caesar's Palace and Aladdin hotels in the Las Vegas area plus others worldwide.

Please ensure both an internal ventilator and an external grille or canopy are ordered for each particular window. Gas Cabinets Toxic and flammable gases such as arsine, sulfur dioxide, silane, hydrogen chloride, and ammonia, must be used in a gas cabinet. For more ventilator information see individual product sections. Class I biological safety cabinets provide protection for the worker and the environment, but not the product.

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Titon is currently working with consultants and architects for future developments. Used in hotels and casinos all around the world. Slot Ventilation Designed to draw contaminants away from the user's breathing zone and into slot vents.

Variable Air Volume VAV Hoods A variable air volume hood is equipped with a face velocity control to vary the volume of air exhausted from the hood in order to maintain a constant face velocity, regardless of sash height. DucoPlus 60 DucoPlus 60 DucoPlus 60 is a controllable and thermally broken aluminium glazed-in window ventilator featuring a smooth external design with an internal air deflector directing the incoming air upwards, thus avoiding draughts.

This is accomplished by locally capturing and transporting the waste product through a filter, then to a safe point of exhaust.